Immerse yourself in the culture and language

Homestay - no better way to stay!

All our students stay with carefully selected homestays as a member of the family, which is a great way to experience the English way of life, as well as using your language skills in a natual way.

Accommodation is sharing a twin room with a student of a different nationality. If we do not have a suitable student for you to share a room with, we will put you in a single room at no extra cost. Unless you ask us to stay with a friend, you will be the only guest of your native language in the house. Some hosts take one or two students and the maximum is four.

You can book a single room at a weekly supplement (please see the dates and prices page for details).

A variety of hosts - all welcoming!

We have many different sorts of hosts – some with young, some with older children, and others have no children. Hosts are  young, middle-aged or elderly, and some are widows – but whatever their circumstances, they all look forward to having you in their homes.

Some of our students would like to stay with younger or older hosts, with our without children, some want a host with pets and some don’t like dogs or cats in the house.

Whatever your wish, we try to fulfill it! If you have any special requirements, please note them on the booking form.

Here to help - tell us what you need

Your hosts will treat you as part of the family. You will have the chance to use your English with them every day. They will give you breakfast and a main evening meal from Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends. From Monday to Friday you can choose a hot or cold lunch from the college canteen. They will do your basic washing for you and provide you with bed linen and bath towels. 

Many hosts are able to cater for most special needs provided you give us full details on your booking form, and give us any additional information we need to know. For vegan, diabetic, coeliac, lactose free, gluten free, severe nut allergy or any other special diets, there is an extra weekly charge (please see dates and prices page for details).


Where are the hosts - how to get around

All the homestays live in Weymouth or Portland. Some live within walking distance to the college, but most live a short bus ride away. If you need a bus pass, you will receive information from us about how you can do that on the bus or online if you want to buy it before you arrive. The weekly pass allows you unlimited travel on any of the local buses. There is a good and regular bus service from the town and college to the areas where our hosts live. Your hosts and our leaders will make sure you know where your nearest bus stop is. Weymouth is not a very big town and it is easy to find your way around the key locations during your stay on foot or by bus. You will go to school or to the activities together with other students staying with the same host.

WEC course combinations - pick and mix

The minimum stay on WEC courses is 2 weeks, and the maximum stay is 4 weeks. 

Any combination of the 4 courses can be booked in your 2 to 4-week stay, for example, a 4-week stay can include all our courses.

English & Activities can be booked for any number of weeks.

English & Sailing and English & Windsurfing can be booked for any number of weeks and you can progress up the skill levels on successful completion of a level in a week.

English & Outdoor Adventure is a one-week programme and can be combined with any of the other programmes. 

Pick and mix the course that you think you will enjoy!