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A day in the life of a summer camp teen

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Each summer, thousands of teenagers travel to England to take part in English summer camps. What does a day look like for them?

Here is a typical day for students at Weymouth English Centre.

Your "home" in England

Some international summer camps for teens are residential, but students at WEC stay with homestays (local host families) to give them much more contact with the "real" England, the language and the English way of life.
There might also be a student of a similar age from a different country staying with your hosts. You can choose whether you want to have a single room or share with another student from a different country.
Soon after arriving, you will look at this as your "home" and your homestay as your "family".

Summer camp teens with their homestay 

Bacon and eggs or toast and marmalade?

You have breakfast at your homestay. This can consist of the traditional bacon and eggs, but today most families have healthier options such as cereals, muesli or toast and marmalade.
If your homestay has children of school age and you are there before the last week of July, those children will probably also be getting ready for school and having their breakfast with you. The first thing you will notice is that they all wear school uniforms.

By the beach to college

After breakfast it's time to go to the college. You might walk but most students come to school by bus. Your host family will have shown you the nearest bus stop on your first day and you will have a bus pass which gives you unlimited travel on the buses in Weymouth. There are regular buses from all over town and most of them arrive at a central area near the beach. From there you have a short walk by the beach to get to the college: a wonderful and refreshing way to start the day! There will be other students from the school along your route so that you can travel together to school and home again later.

Learning can be fun!

Classes start at 9 o'clock. These are not lessons like you know them at home. You will learn new vocabulary and grammar but this will be in a practical context and you will have fun doing it. You will also learn about England and its culture. You will learn about the places you will visit on your programme of activities and work on interesting projects.
The first lesson finishes at 10 o'clock, when you will have a 15-minute break. There are two more sessions, each of an hour with another break after the second session.

International students

This is an international summer camp and the other students will all be aged between 13 and 17. They come from different countries and you will soon make new friends who might be from any countries in Europe or further afield.

Lunch at school

The lunch break starts at 12:30 and lunch is served in the canteen. There is a choice of meals and special diets are catered for. You can eat your lunch with your friends - in the canteen or in a seating area outside.

Choose your own programme of activities

After lunch it is time for activities.
Any summer camp for teens should have a variety of activities and at Weymouth English Centre you can select many of your own activities through the school's online activities booking system. This lets you choose from a range of sports such as beach volleyball, basketball, rounders, football, tennis and putting, visits to places of interest in the area, a boat trip, Sealife Centre and much more.
There is also a half-day trip one afternoon each week where you might choose to go to Durdle Door and Lulworth, a famous landmark on the Jurassic Coastline, or to Charmouth, where you can go fossil-hunting, or to Dorchester, the county town of Dorset, or go on a tour of the isle of Portland, or a trip to the historic seaside town of Lyme Regis.
Once you have chosen your activities, you can login at any time up to 24 hours before an activity starts and change it for a different activity.

The school has a team of activity leaders and some of these leaders will accompany you on all your activities.

All the costs of the activities are included in the course price, so you don't have to pay anything extra to go on these events.

Special afternoon courses

If you book one of the afternoon summer programmes for teens - sailing, windsurfing or outdoor adventure - you will go on these activities each afternoon from Tuesday to Friday.

Evening meal

When the afternoon activity is over, you will have some time before you go home for your evening meal. Sitting round the dinner table with your host family is another great chance to practise your English.

Disco or talent show?

On four weekdays there are evening activities. Sometimes you can choose between several activities, on other evenings there are events for all the students together. These might include a disco, a talent show, games on the beach, a pizza and games evening or a film night.

An evening at home

One weekday evening is a family evening, when you will have time to spend with your homestay or with friends. Some students watch a film with their hosts, others play games, some cook a typical meal from their home country for their hosts. It's a great way to get to know your "family", speak a lot of English and learn more about the English way of life.


On Saturdays there is a full day trip, which you can also book when you plan your programme online.
There is a sightseeing day in London. Other trips you can choose from include a visit to Stonehenge and Salisbury, a day in Oxford, Bath or Portsmouth: the trips vary each week.


All the costs included

All the costs of all the activities on this summer camp are included in the course price.


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