Travel to Weymouth: our leaders will meet you at the airport

Where should I fly to?

The best way of travelling to Weymouth for your English language course is to fly to London Heathrow Airport.

If you arrive at Heathrow on the Sunday before 17.00, you can travel to Weymouth on our private WEC transfer coach.
The journey from Heathrow to Weymouth is about 2 hours 45 minutes.

You can also fly to other airports but if you come on your own you will need us to book a taxi transfer for you - see the Dates & Prices page for details.

What do I do when I arrive at Heathrow?

First of all you will go through passport control.

After that you will collect your luggage from the "Baggage Reclaim" and then you will go through into the arrivals hall where our leaders will be waiting for you.
At Heathrow waiting for the students
Travel to Weymouth: meeting the students at Heathrow

Where will I meet the WEC leaders?

They wait just by the barrier where passengers come through into the arrivals hall. Each leader wears a blue shirt with the WEC logo on it and has a WEC poster which they hold up so that you can see them easily.

When all the students have arrived, the leaders will take you to the transfer coach and will travel down to Weymouth with you.

What time do the transfer coaches leave?

Our transfer coaches leave at 13.00 and 18.00. Your flight must arrive at least one hour earlier than the transfer departure time so if you want to get the 13.00 transfer, your flight must arrive by 12.00 and if you want the 18.00 transfer, your flight must arrive by 17.00.

We recommend that you book a flight as close to these times as possible in order to avoid long waiting times at the airport.
Airport transfer from Heathrow to Weymouth
At Heathrow for the return journey

What about my return journey?

We also run transfer coaches to Heathrow on Saturdays for the return journey at the end of your course. To use these you should book a flight which departs from Heathrow after 14:00.

Our leaders will take you to the airport, help you check in and make sure you get through passport control safely. You will be given the leaders' mobile numbers so that if you have any problems once you have gone through passport control, you can contact them and they will help you.

Our leaders will stay at the airport until your flight has taken off.

What happens if I fly to or from a different airport?

If you travel to or from any other airport (London Stansted, London Gatwick or London City, Bournemouth, Bristol, Exeter and Southampton) or if you arrive at or depart from Heathrow before or after the times our leaders are at the airport, we can arrange for a private taxi to meet you on arrival and take you straight to your homestay.

For the departure, the driver will collect you from your homestay, take you to the airport and help you check in and will then wait at the airport until your flight has taken off (please see the dates and prices page for details).
Arriving at Heathrow for the return journey
Students on the airport transfer bus

How do I book a place on the transfer coach?

When we send you the confirmation of your booking we will also send you a form to complete asking for details of your flights.

If you wish to book a place on one of our transfer coaches, or wish us to book a taxi transfer for you, you will be able to order this on the form we send you.

You should complete and return the form as soon as you can in order to guarantee a place.

What happens if my parents want to take me to Weymouth?

If your parents wish to bring you to Weymouth, they should take you directly to your homestay. We will send your homestay address and contact details when we send you the course papers.

Students making their own way to Weymouth should arrive at their homestay between 16.00 and 21.00 on the Sunday and should depart from their homestay by 10.00 on the Saturday at the end of the course.
Students departing from Heathrow airport
At Heathrow waiting for the students

Do I need a passport and visa?

You do need a passport and if you hold a passport from an EU country or Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway, you should not need a visa.

Otherwise you should check with your nearest British Embassy, or Consulate, or look at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website at

If you do need a visa, once we have received your booking and deposit, we will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment which you will need in order to apply for your visa. You should then tell us as soon as you have got your visa.

If your visa is refused, you should send us the refusal letter as soon as possible. Provided we receive the original letter of refusal at least one week before your course is due to start, we will then refund the money you have paid us minus an administrative fee of £60.

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