Homestay accommodation is a great way of experiencing the English way of life

Where will I stay?

All our students stay with carefully-selected homestays as a member of the family. Unless you ask for something different, you will be the only guest of your native language.

This is a great way to experience the English way of life as well as speak and listen to a lot of English.

Accommodation is sharing a twin room with a student of a different nationality. If we do not have a suitable student for you to share a room with, we will put you in a single room at no extra cost.

You can book a single room at a weekly supplement (please see the dates and prices page for details).

Some homestays take one or two students. The maximum is four.

How are the homestays chosen?

Homestay accommodation is booked through an agency which has been arranging student accommodation in Weymouth for  over eighteen years. Great care is taken in choosing hosts where our students will get the attention and supervision they need when away from their parents.

All the hosts have been inspected by the agency. They are chosen for their caring attitude and friendly manner. On your first full day we will ask you whether you are happy with your homestay and will sort any problems or questions you may have. We will check again regularly that you are happy with everything.

After the first two or three days you will be asked to write a short report about your homestay saying whether you are happy there and whether you would recommend them for a future student. If we are not completely happy with your answer we will discuss it further and move you to another homestay if we all agree this would be best.

At the end of your course we will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your homestay host. All this helps us to maintain a high standard of accommodation.

Homestay accommodation is carefully chosen
Chinese students with their host family

What sort of homestays are they?

We have many different sorts of hosts - some have young children, some have older children the same age as you, and others have no children. We have young, middle-aged and elderly hosts, and some widows - but whatever the age, they all look forward to having a guest in their homes.

We also have a wide variety of students who want to stay with different types of hosts; some want a young couple with young children, some want a host with lots of animals, and others prefer to stay with a widow because they feel they will get more attention there than in a big family with lots of children.

Whatever your wish, we try to fulfill it! If you have any special wishes, please note them on the booking form.

What should I expect from my homestay?

Your hosts will treat you as part of the family. They will give you breakfast and a main evening meal from Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends.

From Monday to Friday you can choose a hot or cold lunch from the college canteen.

They will do your basic washing for you and provide you with bed linen and bath towels.

Student with host sister
Dinner with the host family

Have you got hosts who can cater for students with allergies or special diets?

Yes, we have hosts who are able to cater for most special needs provided you give us full details on your booking form and give us any additional information we need to know when arranging a suitable homestay for you.

It is important that you give us this information when you book the course as we cannot guarantee any later changes.

For vegan, diabetic, coeliac, lactose free, gluten free, severe nut allergy or any other special diets, there is an extra weekly charge (please see dates and prices page for details).

How do I get from my homestay host to school?

All the homestays live in Weymouth or Portland. Some live within walking distance but most live a short bus ride away.

You can buy a bus pass at school on the first day (please see dates and prices page for details). This allows you unlimited travel on any of the local buses. There is a good and regular bus service from the town and college to the areas where our hosts live.

Your hosts and our leaders will make sure you know where your nearest bus stop is.

Students with host family
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