English Intensive

Intensive English Language Course with Activities

Intensive English course with a full programme of activities
How many lessons are there on the English Intensive course?

There is a total of 19 hours each week - 3 hours every weekday morning in a class with a maximum of 15 students plus 2 extra hours on two afternoons each week with a maximum of 8 students per class.

What will I learn on the English Intensive course?

Lessons will be based on your needs analysis but can include writing and speaking skills, particular grammar structures that students have problems with at school and exam techniques and preparation for KET, PET, FCE, CAE or other similar exams.

How many activities are there each week?

There are 3 afternoon activities, 4 evening activities and a full day trip each Saturday (except for your departure Saturday).

Can I see a sample programme?

Yes, you can find a sample programme here.

What sort of activities are there in the afternoons?

We have a wide variety of activities for you to choose from. Afternoon activities can include bowling, go-karting, laser quest, football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, a boat trip, a visit to the Sea Life centre, magic skills workshop, mini-golf, swimming, squash, rounders, mini olympics, tennis, snooker, ultimate frisbee, a sand sculpture competition, martial arts workshops and half day trips to various places of interest.

And what about the evening activities?

Evening activities can include film night, pizza and games, fashion show, talent show, disco, barn dance, blind date, gladiator duel and more.

Can I choose what activities I do?

Yes, you can plan your own programme! We have a unique system that lets you log in and choose which activities you want to do during your course - and you can do this before you even come to Weymouth!

You can get a printout of your personal programme and you can come back and change your activities any time up to 24 hours before they start.

If you are coming to Weymouth with a friend, you can plan your programmes together so that you are both on the same activities and trips.

Can I book this course just for one week?

This course can be booked as an optional extra for any number of weeks during your language course.

There is an extra charge of £50 per week for this course.

Can I combine this course with English & Activities, Outdoor Adventure, Sailing or Windsurfing?

Yes, you can. You could book one week of English Intensive and one week of Outdoor Adventure, Windsurfing, Sailing or Activities ... whatever combination you would like!

games on the beach

Games on the beach

all the activities are included in the course price

All the activities are included in the course price


see a typical programme

A day trip to London

A day trip to London is also included

go-kart racing

Go-kart racing

half day trip to Portland

Trip to Portland

pirate golf

Pirate golf

A day trip to Brighton

On a day trip to Brighton

Escape Dungeons

Escape dungeons