Course Cancellations


We have cancelled all courses for the summer of 2020 due to the coronavirus.

It was not easy for us to make this decision but we believe it is the right thing to do at this time. It would be easy to wait for a month or two to see how the situation develops, but this would not be fair to our students, staff, host families or suppliers, all of whom need to know where they stand.

Anyone who shows symptoms of the virus must go into isolation. For students this means staying in their bedrooms for 14 days. They would not be allowed to go to lessons or any of the activities which we run. For many, this would mean staying in England after their planned return dates.

If anyone at the school gets the virus, then everyone who has come into contact with them must go into isolation for 14 days. This means all the students, staff and members of the host families.

The number of people with the virus in the England is now rising quickly. The government's policy is to delay the virus until nearer the summer, when the hospitals will be better able to cope. They think that 100,000 is a realistic number of deaths from the virus in the UK, so things are clearly going to get a lot worse.

We feel it is not right to bring students to Weymouth at a time when there is a high risk that they will spend up to 14 days in isolation and could possibly get the virus themselves. This is far from the intensive learning and fun programme of activities that they booked with us.

For these reasons we have decided to cancel all this year's summer courses. We are contacting those students who have already booked courses and offering them a place on one of 2021 courses at the 2020 price or a refund.

Our 2021 courses will run as usual and you can already book a place on one of those.


2021 dates and prices

  • 15 hours of English lessons per week in a class with a maximum of 15 students
  • 4 hours of English lessons per week in a class with a maximum of 8 students
  • 3 afternoon activities per week
  • 4 evening activities per week
  • Full day trip on Saturdays
  • All activities, trips and entrance tickets included in the course price
A day trip to London

A full programme of activities is included in the course price