English in England


"If the lessons at home would be also like the lessons here everyone would enjoy to go to school. The 1 & 3 week was so awesome because we did nearly no grammar instead a lot of talking – I love it."

Anna, Austria

"Many activities are new for me. It's really an amazing experience for me to learn how to do it."

Bomiao, China

"I want to thank you very much for organising my daughter's stay in Weymouth so conscientiously.
She had an absolutely fabulous time. When she came back, she told us that she felt well taken care of. Everybody involved was very considerate, helpful, warm-hearted and very friendly.
She felt very much at home at her host family's place, Ben and Lauren were very welcoming and interested in socialising and talking to her.
The teachers, the staff, the activity leaders and the leaders who picked her up from and took her to the airport were all very, very friendly and helpful.
We can wholeheartedly and completely recommend Weymouth English Language School to all our friends and acquaintances and I hope it will be possible for Caroline's little brother to come to Weymouth next summer."

Parent, Germany

"I don't have enough words to talk about them. We have had for two weeks two English parents. They have been lovely, patient, they took us as daughters and I'll miss them so much."

Giorgia, Italy

"Friendly, professional staff. It was great to spend lessons and activities with them."

Alexander, Russia

"The subjects were varied, interesting. We had to be open-minded, to give our opinion and debate. The lessons were very good and every morning I was happy to go to school."

Annabelle, France

"I really like all of the teachers and leaders because they always helped me when I needed help and I had a lot of fun with them."

Robert, Germany

"The teachers and leaders are the best. They are very kind, very friendly and so much fun. I felt like I could always to to them and count on them."

Luca, Hungary

"People who care about teaching and making our experiences better during the course."

Pedro, Brazil

"I have chosen a sailing option and it is very amazing."

Zoe, France

"The lessons are creative and fun. I've learned many new things. It's awesome"

Celine, Germany

"The teachers and the leaders were all really nice. Going to the lessons wasn't boring at all and I really enjoyed it."

Francesca, Italy

"They're the best family I could have, they are funny, interesting, good people and for them, I'm like one else of the family."

Juan, Spain

"I love the lessons. I have no time be bored. I can learn new information. But most of all I remember is the teacher Andy. His lessons really interesting and amazing."

Ann, Russia

"They are very kind and heart-warming. They are good at jobs and look care of us carefully."

Yeling, China

"I really liked that I can choose what I want to do. It is really easy to make new friends with the same interests."

Anna, Russia


Lively, interactive classes

The WEC disco

on an afternoon trip

On an afternoon trip

If you would like to speak to or email some students from your country to talk to them about their experience with WEC, please email for details. Please tell her where you live.

Students from different countries

Meet students from different countries

a Saturday trip to London

A Saturday trip to London

The harbour in Weymouth

The harbour in Weymouth

at Buckingham Palace

At Buckingham Palace

Laser Quest

Laser Quest

Rock climbing on the outdoor adventure course

Rock climbing on the outdoor adventure course