Top Things Teenagers Can Do on a Summer Outdoor Adventure Course in Weymouth

If you want to learn English in the summer holidays but don't want to sit in a classroom all week, an Outdoor Adventure course might be just the right answer for you.

Here are some of the things you can do ...

1. Mountain Biking

mountain biking on WEC's Outdoor Adventure course in Weymouth

mountain biking on Portland

We go to the Isle of Portland for the mountain biking. After getting your mountain bike and trying it out, you will set off around part of the island.

There are lots of trails along the clifftops, with wonderful views out to sea, through some of the many quarries where Portland stone comes from and past a derelict fort from 1892.

At the end of a fun afternoon, we will bring you back to Weymouth.

2. Paddle-boarding

Think of a mixture of surfing and kayaking and you will have a picture of paddle-boarding. Professional instructors will teach you the techniques and then help you try them out.

The session takes place in Portland Harbour, a large, protected harbour with ideal conditions.

paddle-boarding in Weymouth Harbour

paddle-boarding in Portland Harbour

3. Climbing

This session takes place on Portland. Professional instructors will show you how to use the climbing ropes and equipment and tell you all about safety. Then they will guide and help you to climb up a cliff by the sea.

It's a great experience, with teamwork, new techniques and some wonderful views!

climbing on the Isle of Portland

climbing on the Isle of Portland

4. Kayaking

Professional instructors will show you how to launch the kayak and how to control it. You will gain confidence and learn how to handle the craft in typical situations.

Kayaking is an exciting sport, whether it is on a lake, river or on the sea. Our lesson is in Portland Harbour, which was the site of the water events for the 2012 Olympics.

learning to kayak on the Outdoor Adventure Course

learning to kayak

5. London

The Outdoor Adventure Course takes place on weekday afternoons from Tuesdays to Fridays. But there's a lot more going on during the rest of the week.

Every Saturday there is a full day trip to a place of interest. There are various destinations, but everyone gets a chance to go on a sightseeing trip to London.

Starting at Buckingham Palace, home of the Royal Family, we take you to Westminster, with Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, along Whitehall and past Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives, past Horse Guards Parade with soldiers on guard on their horses, and to Trafalgar Square. You will have some free time in Covent Garden, a popular area with lots of cafes, small shops, street musicians, jugglers, etc.

a sightseeing day in London

a sightseeing day in London

6. Escape!

The Outdoor Adventure Course starts on Tuesdays. On your first Monday afternoon you will have an orientation tour of Weymouth. On the following Monday(s) you can choose from a number of differrent activities. Each week there are different activities to choose from ... you might, for example, want to go on our Escape Dungeons afternoon. Here you will be put into a dungeon with a few fellow students. Each dungeon has a theme - pirates, for example. You and your team have to solve various puzzles in order to escape from the dungeon. A very popular activity.

can you escape from the dungeon?

can you escape from the dungeon?

7. Beach Volleyball

Weymouth has a long, sandy beach which is ideal for beach volleyball. We organise this as an evening activity, so you will be able to come along and play after the Outdoor Adventure session.

beach volleyball

beach volleyball

8. Choose your own activities

You can book many of the activities and trips online before you even come to England! There are sports, afternoon visits to places of interest, a disco, talent show, karaoke night, bowling, snooker and much more.

Why not book the Outdoor Adventure Course for one week and then our English and Activities Course for the rest of your time? Then you will be able to take part in more of our wide range of activities.

Weymouth English Centre is accredited by the British Council

Weymouth English Centre runs an Outdoor Adventure Course each summer for teenagers aged between 13 and 17. Full details of the course can be found here.

The school also runs a special English and Sailing Course, an English and Windsurfing Course and an English and Activities Course.

You can find details of more of the available activities here.