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There is a wide range of activities

How can I book my own freetime programme?

Some weeks before your course starts, we will send you login details for our spoecial programme planner. When you log in to this, you will see all the activities and trips which we have planned for your time in Weymouth.

You can choose the activities you want to do each day. When you have finished your programme, you can download a pdf with all your activities.

You can see how this works in this short video ...

Can I go on the same activities as my friend?

Yes. You can choose the same activities and trips as your friend where there are enough places free.

Can I change my activities after I have booked them?

Yes, you can go back and change your activities as many times as you want, as long as there are still places free on the ones you want to do. You can do this right up until 24 hours before each activity starts!

Which activities can I choose?

On most weekday afternoons and some evenings there are several activities that you can choose from. Sometimes we have an evening activity for all our students: here you will automatically be booked on that activity.

On Saturdays there is a full day trip and on one afternoon in the week there is a trip to a place of interest in the area. If you are coming with an organised group, your leaders will probably want your group to stay together for these trips, so you will find they have been booked for you.

If you are not coming with an organised group, you will normally be able to choose these trips, too.

What happens if I have booked a special course?

These courses take place from Tuesday to Friday afternoons. If you have booked English and Sailing, English and Windsurfing or English and Outoor Adventure, you will be able to choose your activities for Monday afternoon, each weekday evening and your trip on Saturday.

The English Intensive course is on two afternoons each week, so if you have booked this you will be able to choose all your activities on the other afternoons as well as the evenings and Saturdays.


Have you got any questions? Just email or call +44 (0)1926 811709 - we will be happy to help.


at H.M.S. Victory on a day trip to Portsmouth

"Activities have been fantastic. I had a lot of fun and they were various and different every day."

Emma, Italy

  • 15 hours of English tuition per week
  • 5 afternoon activities per week
  • 4 evening activities per week
  • 1 full day trip on Saturdays
  • 15 hours of English tuition per week
  • 12 hours of windsurfing per week on 4 afternoons
  • 1 other afternoon activity each week
  • 4 evening activities per week
  • 1 full day trip on Saturdays