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Buckingham Palace

Will I go to London during my English Course in Weymouth?

If you book a course of two or more weeks then yes, you will be able to go on a day trip to London.

What will I see?

Your trip to London will be one of the full day trips that we offer on Saturdays.

We leave Weymouth early in the morning and usually travel to London by coach. The coach will stop for you not far from your house.

There is a short break at a motorway services station on the way. We arrive in Central London at about 10:45.

Our first stop is Buckingham Palace, the official London home of our kings and queens since 1837. If we get there in time, we will see the Changing of the Guard, the ceremony of the soldiers on guard at the Palace leaving and others taking over. There will be time to take photos, then we will walk through St. James's Park.

St. James's Park is the oldest of eight Royal Parks in London. 470 years ago in this area there were pigs, farms and a hospital for women lepers. King Henry VIII made a deer park here in 1536. Today the park is a peaceful place with a lake and lots of flowers in the middle of a busy city.

When we get to the end of the park you will be in Horse Guards Parade, a parade ground used for royal parades and ceremonies.

We are now in Westminster, home to several famous buildings.

Westminster Abbey is the church where every king and queen has been coronated since 1066. Many of the country's most famous people are buried here.

The Palace of Westminster is where you will find the Houses of Parliament - the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Most of what you see now was built after a big fire in 1834 destroyed much of the former building. Only a few of the medieval buildings survived; Westminster Hall and The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft are two of them.

We will walk past Downing Street, where no. 10 Downing Street has been the official home of British Prime Ministers since 1735.

We are now in the street named Whitehall, which is the centre of the British government. The name comes from the Palace of Whitehall, which was the home of King Henry VIII. The palace was destroyed by fire in 1698.

We will go past the Cenotaph, Britain's main war memorial.

At the end of Whitehall we will be in Trafalgar Square, where you will see Nelson's Column, the 52-metre high column with a statue of Lord Nelson at the top. This column was built after the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 when the British won a major sea battle with the French and Spanish.

From here we will go to Covent Garden, which used to be a fresh fruit and vegetable market but today is home to many small shops and cafés as well as street musicians, jugglers, artists and others. We will have some time here or in a similar area before meeting our coach for the return journey to Weymouth.

How will I get home after the trip?

We get back to Weymouth at about 20:30. The coach will stop at a few places in Weymouth before arriving at a central place near the bus stops. Our leaders will take you your to bus stop and wait until you have got on your bus. If you live near here, you will be able to walk home. Most students take a bus. Your hosts know when we arrive back in Weymouth and will be expecting you.


Have you got any questions? Just email or call +44 (0)1926 811709 - we will be happy to help.

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near Buckingham Palace

Horse Guards Parade

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The Houses of Parliament

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