10 Things You Will Learn on a Summer Sailing Course

summer sailing camp for teenagers in England

Sailing courses for teenagers from all over the world are held every summer in Weymouth on the south-west coast of England. They are for young people aged between 13 and 17.

If you have never sailed before, you will start with the syllabus for level 1 of the Royal Yachting Association. If you have already done some sailing, you will be in a class at a higher level, where the course will be more advanced.

Here are ten of the things that you can learn on a summer sailing camp. Many of them are included in the course for beginners, some are from the higher levels:

1. Rigging a boat

You will learn how to put the sails onto a boat and fit all the ropes and other equipment before the boat goes into the water.

2. Launching

You will learn how to secure a boat to a trolley, how to launch the boat into the water and start sailing and how to get the boat out of the water again.

3. Controlling the boat

You will learn the basic boat controls of a boat and how to steer it. At level 1 this includes how to stop, how to control your speed, how to steer in a straight line and how to turn the boat. Later you can learn how to sail a shallow triangle across the wind, how to tack upwind, how to come alongside a moored boat and how to return to shore safely in any wind direction.

4. Meteorology

You will learn about the wind and the effect it has on the boat. You will learn several ways to find the wind direction and will understand the Beaufort Wind Scale.

5. Ropework

You will learn all about knots, how to tie them and what each knot is used for. You will be able to tie a figure of eight and cleat a halyard. At a higher level you will learn to tie a round turn and two half hitches and a reef knot, tie a bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch and more.

6. Safety

You will learn about local hazards, what to do to help people in distress, what to do if the boat capsizes and how to right the boat if it capsizes. You will also learn about safety procedures and protective clothing.

7. Sailing Manoeuvres

You will learn to be a responsive member of the crew. You will learn what is meant by windward, leeward and gybe. Higher levels will learn about sailing on all points of sail on a triangular course, tacking upwind, gybing from a training run, preparing for and taking up tow from a power craft, picking up a mooring, and more.

8. Racing

More experienced students will learn to understand the course and the starting procedure for a race.

9. Tidal

Advanced students will learn more about the tides, ebb and flow, the use of tide tables and will understand the tidal stream direction.

10. English and fun

The whole sailing course is held in English. After a short time students find that they are concentrating on the sailing and forget that they are doing it in a different language! This is a great way to improve your English language skills as well as learn how to sail.

The sailing course takes place on four afternoons each week (Tuesday to Friday). On each weekday morning there are English classes. On Monday afternoons and four weekday evenings there is a variety of activities and sports to choose from. On Saturdays there is a full day trip to a place of interest. Everyone can go on a sightseeing trip to London or a different destination if they prefer. On other Saturdays there are excursions to places such as Oxford, Bath or Stonehenge and Salisbury.

Full details of the course, including the full sailing course syllabus can be found here.

Weymouth English Centre also run a special English and Windsurfing Course as well as an English & Outdoor Adventure Course.

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